TOGETHER-FOR-CO2 A material-based study of hot carrier / heat synergy in plasmonic CO2 reduction with water inthe gas phase

Research location: LPCNO-INSA Toulouse, team NCO (nanostructures et chimie organométallique), France
Themes: Nanoparticles synthesis (Au, Pt, TiO2…), metalorganic chemistry, photocatalysis, CH4
Start date: September / October 2023; Duration: 24 months CDD Post-doc INSA
Contact: Supervised by Dr. Pierre Fau in LPCNO. Email :

Interfacial ionic liquid-based heterogeneous catalysts for low
temperature CO2 reduction

Efficient CO2 conversion using green H2 coming from renewable sources can contribute toreduce CO2 emission in order to limit global warming. However, finding efficient catalystsable to operate under mild conditions is critical. The LICORN project is financed by theANR and aims at rationally designing a new generation of innovative supported catalystsfor CO2 hydrogenation, combining supported … Read more