LPCNO Presentation
Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Nano-Objects

LPCNO Presentation

Studying the exciting properties of nano-objects is a thriving research field at the crossroads of solid-state physics, chemistry and material science. This research has greatly evolved during the past decades for two main reasons. First, a large variety of growth techniques allow precise control of the physical properties (such as material, size and shape) and therefore the future applications of the nano-objects. Second, advances in nano-electronics and microscopy allow addressing and controlling the properties of individual nano-objects.

The goal of this ultimate miniaturization of solid-state devices is to create objects with new properties that cannot be achieved in their macroscopic counterparts. These nano-devices find application in many branches of industry such as telecommunication and information processing, transport, safety, health and environment. They also open up exciting avenues for fundamental research based on controlling individual quantum states optically or electrically.

Our research aims to study individual, self-assembled nano-objects with optimized structural quality. The systems studied include semiconductor quantum dots, magnetic nano-particles, nano-tubes, biomolecules and DNA strands. The samples are grown at the LPCNO and by our numerous national and international collaborators.

The expertise of the LPCNO covers: :
- Optical spectroscopy and semiconductor spin physics
- Nanostructuring
- Nanomagnetism
- Transport measurements
- Synthesis of nanoparticles
- Molecular modeling

More than 90 persons (researchers, lecturers, technical staff, students, post-docs) work at the LPCNO, organized in 5 research groups :

- “Nanomagnetism” group – Leader : Julian Carrey
- “Quantum Optoelectronics” group – Leader: Xavier Marie
- “Nanostructures and Organometallic Chemistry” group – Leaders: Céline Nayral and Lise-Marie Lacroix
- “Nanotech” group – Leader: Laurence RESSIER
- “Physical and chemical modeling” group – Leader: Romuald POTEAU

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