Group’s equipments

Equipment belonging to the NTC team:

Near-field microscopy:

– Atomic Force Microscope Dimension® Icon® (Bruker) with Nanoscope V controller.

– AFM / STM Multimodes 8 (Bruker) with Nanoscope V controller.

These microscopes enable many modes derived from AFM such as electrical modes EFM (Electrical Force Microscopy) and KFM (Kelvin Force Microscopy), nanolithography, magnetic mode MFM (Magnetic Force Microscopy), Peak Force QNM Mode and Extended TUNA mode. It is also possible to work in a liquid medium, to control the sample temperature (Heater/cooler) or to work in an controlled environment. Finally, tensile tests can also be performed with a DEBEN tensile stage placed under the probe of the Dimension® Icon®.

Electrical tests:
– JANIS ST-500 cryogenic probe station (financement union européenne)
– C(V) and I(V) transport measurements (Keithley S4200C)

– Two convective self-assembly equipments with optical microscopes. One of these equipments is optimized for large surfaces.
– One micro-contact printing (classical or electrical) set-up
– One nanoimprint (classical or electrical) set-up
– Ion Beam Etching
– Sputtering (SBT IBS/e) (financement union européenne)
– UV/Ozone equipment
– Silane Vapor phase chemical deposition set-up
– OLYMPUS optical microscope with a fluorescent source and a spectrometer (Ocean Optics Maya 2000PRO)
– Scriber
– Contact angle measurements (GBX Digidrop)
– Tensile stage (Deben 200N)
– Zeta potential and submicron particle size analyzer Beckman Coulter Delsa(TM) Nano C (financement union européenne)