Quantum Optoelectronics

Electrical injection and detection of spin polarized currents

at Ferromagnetic metal /Semiconductor interfaces

a) Electrical spin injection
  • Electrical spin injection through Schottky interfaces Co/n-doped AlGaAs, Co/ n-doped GaAs, and through interfaces based on insulating tunnel barriers Co/Al2O3/GaAs, Co/Al2O3/AlGaAs and CoFe/MgOGaAs, CoFeB/MgO/GaAs
  • Spin injection in quantum wells GaAs/AlGaAs and InGaAs/GaAs, and in p-doped InAs/GaAs quantum dots
  • Study of the influence of the temperature, bias voltage, crystalline structure and tunnel barrier thickness
  • Study of spinLEDs with perpendicular remanent injector (Co/Pt)
b) High-speed pulsed electrical spin injection (sub-nanosecond time scale)
c) Electrical detection of photogenerated spin polarized currents at Semiconductor/Ferromagnetic metal interface

Collaborations :
H. Jaffrès, J.M. George, UMP CNRS-THALES, Palaiseau
A. Lemaître, LPN CNRS, Marcoussis
Phi Hoa Binh, VAST, Hanoi Vietnam
Y. Lu, LPM, Nancy
C. Fontaine, A. Arnoult, LAAS CNRS Toulouse

Technic :
Sous champ magnétique (0,8T) : électroluminescence stationnaire résolue en polarisation, électroluminescence résolue en temps et en polarisation (résolution ultime de 250ps), photocourant résolu en polarisation. Photoluminescence résolue en temps et en polarisation (ps)

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