Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-objets

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
135 avenue de Rangueil, 31077 TOULOUSE CEDEX 4 - FRANCE
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Main research topics

The "Nanostructure and Organometallic Chemistry" group is specialized in the synthesis of nano-objects with well-defined physical properties, as well as in the studies of their organization in solution or on a substrate.

Crystal growth at the nanoscale

1. Nanoparticles of complex shape and composition 2. Organometallic precursors for nanoparticles (NPs) of complex chemical composition

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Self-assemblies and new hybrid architectures

1. Growth and self organization 2. Anisotropic NPs Networks for Permanent Magnets 3. Metallic nanoparticles for microelectronics and energy 4. Hybrid self-assemblies nanoparticles-organic molecules for charge transport 5. Silicium (...)

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Surface chemistry and catalysis

1. Nanoparticles and surface chemistry 2. Particles with properties triggered by an external stimulus 3. Supported catalysis by shape-controlled nanoparticles

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