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Main research topics

The "Nanostructure and Organometallic Chemistry" group is specialized in the synthesis of nano-objects with well-defined physical properties, as well as in the studies of their organization in solution or on a substrate.

Complex Nano-Objects

Examples of complex nano-objects

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Liquyid phase growth and organization of novel nanoparticles

Morphologies complexes L’étude des conditions de croissance de nanoparticule de platine a montré le rôle crucial du germe initial sur la forme finale (Angew Chem. 2012). Ces particules peuvent donner naissance à des propriétés catalytiques originales. La connexion des étoiles pour mesurer leurs (...)

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Magnetic nanoparticles

Magnetic nanoparticles These are developped within the framework of the Magafil and Batmag ANR project, as well as of the Nano-Oncology project and the SA-Nano european project.

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Nanoparticles Self-Assembly

Nanoparticles self-assemblies Self assembly1 Molecule oriented supraparticular chemistry to control the structure of materials at the nanoscale Self assembly2 Molecule oriented supraparticular chemistry to control charge transport in nanostructured materials Self (...)

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Semiconductor nanoparticles

Semiconductor nanoparticles These nanoparticles are developped in the framework of the DeSiGeTin ANR project and of the Nano-Oncology project.

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Silica nanoparticles

Silica nanoparticles Cold dust Poster de présentation Theoretical and experimental study of interstellar nano-dust analog (2007-2010).

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The projects

European projects HyCoRod HyCoRod Hybrid Co-based nanorods for biosensing and catalysis (2016-2018) NaMDiaTreaM NaMDiaTreaM Nanotechnological toolkits for multi-modal disease diagnostics and treatment monitoring (2010-2014). SA-NANO Poster de présentation (...)

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