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Post-doc positions in optics and spin-valley physics in 2D materials

The quantum optoelectronics group in Toulouse (France) is looking to fill 2 postdoc positions on optical spectroscopy and spin-valley physics in 2D materials and their optically active defects. The Toulouse group is very active in the field since 2012 with state-of-the art optical spectroscopy facilities and fabrication of Van der Waals heterostructures based on transition metal dichalcogenides and hexagonal boron nitride.
Contact:Bernhard Urbaszek ( Cedric Robert (

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Addressing individual ferromagnetic nano-objects for magneto-transport measurements

The major goal of our project is the investigation of the electronic and magnetic properties of individual single crystalline ferromagnetic Co nanorods (diameter of 6-7 nm, length of 70-100 nm) and Fe nanocubes (8 - 25 nm edge) elaborated by chemical routes. Until now, electronic and magnetic studies of those magnetic nano-objects (MNO) are carried on assemblies which not allow to probe their intrinsic properties (...)

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Molecular Modelling of the Structure and Spectroscopic properties of peptoïds based object

Location : "Physics and chemistry modelling" team, Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Nano-Objects (LPCNO-Toulouse). The work will be partly held in the "Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry Institute" (ICBMS-LYON).
Keywords : Peptoïds, Classical Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry, Structures and Spectroscopy.
Contact : Franck Jolibois, Toulouse, ( and Lionel Perrin, Lyon, (

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