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Using magnetic nanoparticles and high/low frequency magnetic fields to destroy cancer cells

Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) have currently many applications in biomedicine : they are used for imaging, to improve gene transfection, for bio-separation and for tissue engineering. With respect to cancer therapy, different ways to kill tumour cells using magnetic nano-objects have been reported (...)

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Post-doc positions in position in optical spectroscopy and transport measurements in paramagnetic defects in dilute nitrides semiconductors

The quantum optoelectronics group in Toulouse (France) is looking to fill 1 postdoc position in optical spectroscopy and transport measurements of paramagnetic defects in dilute nitrides semiconductors starting April/Mai 2018. In this project we aim at tackling the double challenge of : (i) improving the all-optical readout scheme of the of defects hyperfine-coupled electron-nuclear spins without the need of any electron resonance technique ; (ii) Proposing a scheme to electrically address the defects and investigating the feasibility of an electrical detector of circular polarization state of light. Contact : Andrea Balocchi (,
Hélène Carrère (

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Modelling the electronic structures and simulating reaction mechanisms of a new generation of supported catalysts combining both metal Single Atom Catalysts (SAC) and NanoParticles (NP)

Location : "Physics and chemistry modelling" team, Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Nano-Objects (LPCNO-Toulouse).

Contact : Dr. Iann Gerber or Dr. Iker del Rosal by e-mail (,

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