Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-objets

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Main research topics

Applications in nanomedecine and energy storage

Magnetic nanoparticles may be used for the destruction of cancer cells, when subjected to a high-frequency magnetic field, a phenomenon known as magnetic hyperthermia. During the past ten years, research on magnetic hyperthermia in our team was particularly rich in results, both theoretically (...)

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Carbon Nanotube Electromechanical Resonators: Towards Unique Magnetic Nanoparticle Measurements

The project we propose, aims to develop and to optimize carbon nanotube electromechanical resonators for ultra sensitive magnetic measurements. With this new and original approach we want to directly measure the hysteresis magnetic loop on a broad temperature and magnetic field range of one (...)

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Electronic properties and magnetoresistance

Our overall goal in this topic is the study of the transport and magnetotransport properties of chemically-synthesized objects in order to evaluate their properties in spintronics. In 2009, we installed in our laboratory thin film deposition setup combined with a glove box. We have developed (...)

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Magnetism of nano-objects

Our activities are focused on the study of size reduction effects on magnetic properties, such as spin and orbital contributions, anisotropy, and ordering temperature by measurements of magnetization, ferromagnetic resonance, XMCD, Mössbauer. These properties are strongly correlated to the (...)

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