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Reactivity and structural evolution of urchin-like Co nanostructures under controlled environments
K. Dembélé, S. Moldovan, Ch. Hirlimann, J. Harmel, K. Soulantica, P. Serp, B. Chaudret, A. - S . Gay, S. Maury, A. Berliet, A. Fecant, O. Ersen

Lien : J. Microsc., 269, 168–176 (2018).

Microwave-assisted synthesis and magnetic properties of M-SrFe12O19 nanoparticles
B. Grindi, Z. Beji, G. Viau, A. BenAli

Lien : J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 2018, 449, 119–126.

A seed-mediated approach for the preparation of modified heterogeneous catalysts.
J. Harmel, A. Berliet, K. Dembélé, C. Marcelot, A-S. Gay, O. Ersen, S.Maury, A. Fécant, B. Chaudret, P. Serp, K. Soulantica

Lien : ChemCatChem., 10, 1614 – 1619 (2018).

Gas phase 1H NMR studies and kinetic modeling of dihydrogen isotope equilibration catalyzed by Ru-nanoparticles under normal conditions : dissociative vs. associative exchange.
H-H. Limbach, T. Pery, N. Rothermel, B. Chaudret, T. Gutmannb G. Buntkowsky

Lien : Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 10697-10712 (2018).

Organometallic Ruthenium Nanoparticles : Synthesis, Surface Chemistry, and Insights into Ligand Coordination
L. M. Martínez-Prieto, B. Chaudret

Lien : Acc. Chem. Res., DOI : 10.1021/acs.accounts.7b00378

Role of dipolar interactions on morphologies and tunnel magnetoresistance in assemblies of magnetic nanoparticles
M. Anand, J. Carrey, V. Banerjee
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 454, 23 (2018)

Lien :

Improved Water Electrolysis Using Magnetic Heating of Core-shell FeC@Ni Nanoparticle
C. Niether, S. Faure, A. Bordet, J. Deseure, M. Chatenet, J. Carrey, B. Chaudret, A. Rouet

Lien : Nature Energy 3, 476-483 (2018)

Targeted Magnetic Intra-lysosomal Hyperthermia produces lysosomal reactive oxygen species and causes Caspase-1 dependent cell death
P. Clerc, P. Jeanjean, N. Halalli, M. Gougeon, B. Pipy, J. Carrey, D. Fourmy, V. Gigoux
J. Controlled Release 270, 120 (2018)

Lien :

Tunnel magnetoresistance and co-tunneling in assemblies of chemically prepared FeCo nanoparticles
S. Usmani, M. Lepesant, A. Bupathy, T. Blon, L.-M. Lacroix, V. Banerjee, B. Chaudret, J. Carrey

Lien : Phys. Rev. B, accepted for publication

Relaxation in 1D chains of interacting magnetic nanoparticles : Theoretical and kinetic Monte-Carlo Study
M. Amand, V. Banerjee, J. Carrey
M-SrFe12O19 and ferrihydrite-like ultrathin nanoplatelets as building blocks for permanent magnets : HAADF-STEM study and magnetic properties
B. Grindi, A. BenAli, C. Magen, G. Viau

Lien : J. Solid State Chem., 264, 124–133 (2018).

The polyol process : a unique method for easy access to metal nanoparticles with tailored sizes, shapes and compositions
F. Fiévet, S. Ammar-Merah, R. Brayner, F. Chau, M. Giraud, F. Mammeri, J. Peron, J.-Y. Piquemal, L. Sicard, G. Viau

Lien : Chem. Soc. Rev., 47, 5187-5233 (2018).

Single Events Induced By Heavy Ions and Laser Pulses in Silicon Schottky Diodes
M. Mauguet, D. Lagarde, F. Widmer, N. Chatry, X. Marie, E. Lorfevre, F. Bezerra, R. Marec, P. Calvel
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 65 (8), 1768 (2018)

Lien :

Co-Fe-B/MgO/Ge spin photodiode operating at telecom wavelength with zero applied magnetic field
A. Djeffal, F. Cadiz, M. Stoffel, D. Lagarde, X. Gao, H.Jaffrès, X. Devaux, S. Migot, X. Marie, H. Rinnert, S. Mangin, J.M. George, P. Renucci, and Y. Lu
Phys. Rev. Applied (2018)

Lien :

Atomic-scale understanding of high thermal stability of the Mo/CoFeB/MgO spin injector for spin-injection in remanence
B. Tao, P. Barate, X. Devaux, P. Renucci, J. Frougier, A. Djeffal, S.H. Liang, S. Liang, B. Xu, M. Hehn, H. Jaffres, J.M. George, X. Marie, S. Mangin, X.F. Han, Z.G. Wang, Y. Lu
Nanoscale 10, 10213-10220 (2018)

Lien :

Optical spectroscopy of excited exciton states in MoS2 monolayers in van der Waals heterostructures
C. Robert, M.A. Semina, F. Cadiz, M. Manca, E. Courtade, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, H. Cai, S. Tongay, B. Lassagne, P. Renucci, T. Amand, X. Marie, M.M. Glazov, B. Urbaszek
Physical Review Materials Rapid Comm. 2, 011001(R) (2018)

Lien :

Electrically tunable dynamic nuclear spin polarization in GaAs quantum dots at zero magnetic field
. Manca, G. Wang, T. Kuroda, S. Shree, A. Balocchi, P. Renucci, X. Marie, M. V. Durnev, M. M. Glazov, K. Sakoda, T. Mano, T. Amand, B. Urbaszek
Applied Physics Letters 112 (14), 142103 (2018) and arXiv : 1802.00629

Lien :

Electrical initialization of electron and nuclear spins in a single quantum dot at zero magnetic field
F. Cadiz, A. Djeffal, D. Lagarde, A. Balocchi, B. S. Tao, B. Xu, S.H. Liang, M. Stoffel, X. Deveaux, H. Jaffres, J.M. George, M. Hehn, S. Mangin, H. Carrere, X. Marie, T. Amand, X. F. Han, Z. G. Wang, B. Urbaszek, Y. Lu, and P. Renucci
ACS Nano Letters 18 (4), 2381-2386 (2018)

Lien :

"Exciton diffusion in WSe2 monolayers embedded in a van der Waals heterostructure
F.Cadiz, C. Robert, E. Courtade, M. Manca, L. Martinelli, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, T. Amand, A. C. H. Rowe, D. Paget, B. Urbaszek, X. Marie
Applied Physics Letters 112 (15), 152106 (2018)

Lien :

Observation of exciton-phonon coupling in MoSe2 monolayers
S. Shree, M. Semina, C. Robert, B. Han, T. Amand, A. Balocchi, M. Manca, E. Courtade, X. Marie, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, M. M. Glazov, and B. Urbaszek
Physical Review B 98, 035302 (2018)

Lien :

Spectrally narrow exciton luminescence from monolayer MoS2 exfoliated onto epitaxially grown hexagonal BN
E. Courtade, B. Han, S. Nakhaie, C. Robert, X. Marie, P. Renucci, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, L. Geelhaar, J.M.J. Lopes, B. Urbaszek
Applied Physics Letters 113, 032106 (2018)

Lien :

Exciton states in monolayer MoSe2 and MoTe2 probed by upconversion spectroscopy
B. Han, C. Robert, E. Courtade, M. Manca, S. Shree, T. Amand, P. Renucci, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, X. Marie, L.E. Golub, M.M. Glazov, B. Urbaszek
Physical Review X 8, 031073 (2018)

Lien :

Two-dimensional semiconductors in the regime of strong light-matter coupling
Christian Schneider, Mikhail M. Glazov, Tobias Korn, Sven Höfling, Bernhard Urbaszek
Nature Communications 9, 2695 (2018)

Lien : › nature c...

Excitons in atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides
Gang Wang, Alexey Chernikov, Mikhail M. Glazov, Tony F. Heinz, Xavier Marie, Thierry Amand, Bernhard Urbaszek
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (2), 021001 (2018)

Lien :

Ultrathin Gold Nanowires with the Polytetrahedral Structure of Bulk Manganese
Jorge A. Vargas, Valeri Petkov, El Said Nouh, Raj Ramaamorthy, Lise-Marie Lacroix, Romuald Poteau, Guillaume Viau, Pierre Lecante, Raul Arenal

Lien : ACS Nano, 12, 9521-9531 (2018).

Hydration of CH3HgOH and CH3HgCl compared to HgCl2, HgClOH, and Hg(OH)(2) : A DFT microsolvation cluster approach
Amaro-Estrada, Jorge I. ; Hernandez-Cobos, Jorge ; Saint-Martin, Humberto ; Maron, Laurent ; Ramirez-Solis, Alejandro
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume : 149 Issue : 14 Article Number : 144301
Molecular hydrides of divalent ytterbium supported by a macrocyclic ligand : synthesis, structure and olefin hydrofunctionalization catalysis
Schuhknecht, Danny ; Khai-Nghi Truong ; Spaniol, Thomas P. ; Maron, Laurent ; Okuda, Jun
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Volume : 54 Issue : 80 Pages : 11280-11283
Scandium alkyl and hydride complexes supported by a pentadentate diborate ligand : reactions with CO2 and N2O
Beh, Daniel W. ; Piers, Warren E. ; del Rosal, Iker ; Maron, Laurent ; Gelfand, Benjamin S. ; Gendy, Chris ; Lin, Jian-Bin
DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume : 47 Issue : 38 Pages : 13680-13688
Are ScC and ScP Bonds Reactive in Scandium Phosphinoalkylidene Complex ? Insights on a Versatile Reactivity
Mao, Weiqing ; Xiang, Li ; Lamsfus, Carlos Alvarez ; Maron, Laurent ; Leng, Xuebing ; Chen, Yaofeng
CHINESE JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY Volume : 36 Issue : 10 Pages : 904-908
Coordination of arenes and phosphines by charge separated alkaline earth cations
Garcia, Lucia ; Anker, Mathew D. ; Mahon, Mary F. ; Maron, Laurent ; Hill, Michael S.
DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume : 47 Issue : 36 Pages : 12684-12693
Monomeric Rare-Earth Metal Silyl-Thiophosphinoyl-Alkylidene Complexes : Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity
Wang, Chen ; Mao, Weiqing ; Xiang, Li ; Yang, Yan ; Fang, Jian ; Maron, Laurent ; Leng, Xuebing ; Chen, Yaofeng
CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL Volume : 24 Issue : 52 Pages : 13903-13917
A tetranuclear samarium(ii) inverse sandwich from direct reduction of toluene by a samarium(ii) siloxide
Kelly, Rory P. ; Toniolo, Davide ; Tirani, Farzaneh Fadaei ; Maron, Laurent ; Mazzanti, Marinella
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Volume : 54 Issue : 73 Pages : 10268-10271
The "Wanderlust" of Me3Si groups in rare-earth triple-decker complexes : a combined experimental and computational study
Lorenz, Volker ; Liebing, Phil ; Bathelier, Adrien ; Engelhardt, Felix ; Maron, Laurent ; Hilfert, Liane ; Busse, Sabine
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Volume : 54 Issue : 73 Pages : 10280-10283
Phenylacetylene and Carbon Dioxide Activation by an Organometallic Samarium Complex
Goudy, Violaine ; Xemard, Mathieu ; Karleskind, Simon ; Cordier, Marie ; Lamsfus, Carlos Alvarez ; Maron, Laurent ; Nocton, Gregory
INORGANICS Volume : 6 Issue : 3 Article Number : 82
Small molecule activation with divalent samarium triflate : a synergistic effort to cleave O-2
Xemard, Mathieu ; Cordier, Marie ; Louyriac, Elisa ; Maron, Laurent ; Clavaguera, Carine ; Nocton, Gregory
DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume : 47 Issue : 28 Pages : 9226-9230
A Theoretical Outlook on the Stereoselectivity Origins of Isoselective Zirconocene Propylene Polymerization Catalysts
Castro, Ludovic ; Therukauff, Gabriel ; Vantomme, Aurelien ; Welle, Alexandre ; Haspeslagh, Luc ; Brusson, Jean-Michel ; Maron, Laurent ; Carpentier, Jean-Francois ; Kirillov, Evgueni
CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL Volume : 24 Issue : 42 Pages : 10784-10792
Dinitrogen functionalization at a ditantalum center. Balancing N-2 displacement and N-2 functionalization in the reaction of coordinated N-2 with CS2
Burford, Richard J. ; Castro, Ludovic ; Maron, Laurent ; Hein, Jason E. ; Fryzuk, Michael D.
DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume : 47 Issue : 24 Pages : 7983-7991
Cerium Tetrakis(tropolonate) and Cerium Tetrakis(acetylacetonate) Are Not Diamagnetic but Temperature-Independent Paramagnets
Halbach, Robert L. ; Nocton, Gregory ; Booth, Corwin H. ; Maron, Laurent ; Andersen, Richard A.
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume : 57 Issue : 12 Pages : 7290-7298
Chemical structure and bonding in a thorium(III)-aluminum heterobimetallic complex
Altman, Alison B. ; Brown, Alexandra C. ; Rao, Guodong ; Lohrey, Trevor D. ; Britt, R. David ; Maron, Laurent ; Minasian, Stefan G. ; Shuh, David K. ; Arnold, John
CHEMICAL SCIENCE Volume : 9 Issue : 18 Pages : 4317-4324
Side Arm Twist on Zn-Catalyzed Hydrosilylative Reduction of CO2 to Formate and Methanol Equivalents with High Selectivity and Activity
Feng, Guoqin ; Du, Chongyang ; Xiang, Li ; del Rosal, Iker ; Li, Guangyu ; Leng, Xuebing ; Chen, Eugene Y. -X. ; Maron, Laurent ; Chen, Yaofeng
ACS CATALYSIS Volume : 8 Issue : 5 Pages : 4710-4718
Dianionic Carbon-Bridged Scandium-Copper/Silver Heterobimetallic Complexes : Synthesis, Bonding, and Reactivity
Wang, Chen ; Xiang, Li ; Yang, Yan ; Fang, Jian ; Maron, Laurent ; Leng, Xuebing ; Chen, Yaofeng
CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL Volume : 24 Issue : 21 Pages : 5637-5643
The Nature of the Heavy Alkaline Earth Metal-Hydrogen Bond : Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of a Cationic Strontium Hydride Cluster
Mukherjee, Debabrata ; Hoellerhage, Thomas ; Leich, Valeri ; Spaniol, Thomas P. ; Englert, Ulli ; Maron, Laurent ; Okuda, Jun
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume : 140 Issue : 9 Pages : 3403-3411
Aqueous Solvation of SmI3 : A Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics Density Functional Theory Cluster Approach
Ramirez-Solis, Alejandro ; Amaro-Estrada, Jorge Ivan ; Hernandez-Cobos, Jorge ; Maron, Laurent
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume : 57 Issue : 5 Pages : 2843-2850
The role of uranium-arene bonding in H2O reduction catalysis
Halter, Dominik P. ; Heinemann, Frank W. ; Maron, Laurent ; Meyer, Karsten
NATURE CHEMISTRY Volume : 10 Issue : 3 Pages : 259-267
(C5Me5)(2)Y(mu-H)(mu-CH2C5Me4)Y(C5Me5) as a reservoir of electrons for the reduction of PhSSPh and CO2 : A theoretical study
Castro, Ludovic ; Maron, Laurent
Steric control in the metal-ligand electron transfer of iminopyridine-ytterbocene complexes
Trifonov, Alexander A. ; Mahrova, Tatyana V. ; Luconi, Lapo ; Giambastiani, Giuliano ; Lyubov, Dmitry M. ; Cherkasov, Anton V. ; Sorace, Lorenzo ; Louyriac, Elisa ; Maron, Laurent ; Lyssenko, Konstantin A.
DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume : 47 Issue : 5 Pages : 1566-1576
Reversing Conventional Reactivity of Mixed Oxo/Alkyl Rare-Earth Complexes : Non-Redox Oxygen Atom Transfer
Hong, Jianquan ; Tian, Haiwen ; Zhang, Lixin ; Zhou, Xigeng ; del Rosal, Iker ; Weng, Linhong ; Maron, Laurent
ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION Volume : 57 Issue : 4 Pages : 1062-1067
Kinetic stabilisation of a molecular strontium hydride complex using an extremely bulky amidinate ligand
de Bruin-Dickason, Caspar N. ; Sutcliffe, Thomas ; Lamsfus, Carlos Alvarez ; Deacon, Glen B. ; Maron, Laurent ; Jones, Cameron
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Volume : 54 Issue : 7 Pages : 786-789
Unprecedented Reaction Mode of Phosphorus in Phosphinidene Rare-Earth Complexes : A Joint Experimental-Theoretical Study
Tian, Haiwen ; Hong, Jianquan ; Wang, Kai ; del Rosal, Iker ; Maron, Laurent ; Zhou, Xigeng ; Zhang, Lixin
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume : 140 Issue : 1 Pages : 102-105
Oxygen Atom Transfer to Cationic PCPNi(II) Complexes Using Amine-N-Oxides
LaPierre, Etienne A. ; Clapson, Marissa L. ; Piers, Warren E. ; Maron, Laurent ; Spasyuk, Denis M. ; Gendy, Chris
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume : 57 Issue : 1 Pages : 495-506
Critical assessment of charge transfer estimates in non-covalent graphene doping
Gerber, Iann C. ; Poteau, R.
Source : THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY ACCOUNTS Volume : 137 Issue : 11 Article Number : 156
Surprising Differences of Alkane C-H Activation Catalyzed by Ruthenium Nanoparticles : Complex Surface-Substrate Recognition ?
Rothermel, Niels ; Bouzouita, Donia ; Roether, Tobias ; del Rosal, Iker ; Tricard, Simon ; Poteau, Romuald ; Gutmann, Torsten ; Chaudret, Bruno ; Limbach, Hans-Heinrich ; Buntkowsky, Gerd

Lien : ChemCatChem, 10, 4243-4247 (2018).

Simple electron donor molecules based on triphenylamine and carbazole derivatives
Belieres, M. ; Sartor, V. ; Fabre, P. -L. ; Poteau, R. ; Bordeau, G. ; Chouini-Lalanne, N.
DYES AND PIGMENTS Volume : 153 Pages : 275-283
Evaluation of Gas-to-Liquid O-17 Chemical Shift of Water : A Test Case for Molecular and Periodic Approaches
Cuny, Jerome ; Jolibois, Franck ; Gerber, Iann C.
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION Volume : 14 Issue : 8 Pages : 4041-4051
Resolving the Framework Position of Organic Structure-Directing Agents in Hierarchical Zeolites via Polarized Stimulated Raman Scattering
Fleury, Guillaume ; Steele, Julian A. ; Gerber, Iann C. ; Jolibois, F. ; Puech, P. ; Muraoka, Koki ; Keoh, Sye Hoe ; Chaikittisilp, Watcharop ; Okubo, Tatsuya ; Roeffaers, Maarten B. J.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS Volume : 9 Issue : 7 Pages : 1778-1782
Theoretical investigations of the anisotropic optical properties of distorted 1T ReS2 and ReSe2 monolayers, bilayers, and in the bulk limit
Echeverry, J. P. ; Gerber, I. C.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume : 97 Issue : 7 Article Number : 075123
Mechanistic Studies on the Catalytic Synthesis of BN Heterocycles (1H-2,1-Benzazaboroles) at Ruthenium
Beguerie, Marion ; Dinoi, Chiara ; del Rosal, Iker ; Faradji, Charly ; Alcaraz, Gilles ; Vendier, Laure ; Sabo-Etienne, Sylviane
ACS CATALYSIS Volume : 8 Issue : 2 Pages : 939-948
Exploring the Conformation of Mixed Cis-Trans alpha,beta-Oligopeptoids : A Joint Experimental and Computational Study
Dumonteil, Geoffrey ; Bhattacharjee, Nicholus ; Angelici, Gaetano ; Roy, Olivier ; Faure, Sophie ; Jouffret, Laurent ; Jolibois, Franck ; Perrin, Lionel ; Taillefumier, Claude
JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume : 83 Issue : 12 Pages : 6382-6396
Synergism of Au and Ru nanoparticles in low temperature photo-assisted CO2 methanation.
D. Mateo, D. De Masi, J. Albero, L.-M. Lacroix, P.-F. Fazzini, B. Chaudret, H. Garcia.

Lien : Chem. Eur. J. 24, 18436-18443, (2018).

Tunnel magnetoresistance and cotunneling in assemblies of chemically synthesized FeCo nanoparticles
S. Usmani, M. Lepesant, A. Bupathy, T. Blon, L.-M. Lacroix, V. Banerjee, B. Chaudret, J. Carrey.

Lien : Phys Rev B. 98, 104433 (2018).

Three-Dimensional Branched and Faceted Gold-Ruthenium Nanoparticles : Using Nanostructure to Improve Stability in Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis.
L. Gloag, T. Benedetti, S. Cheong, Y. Li, X.-H. Chen, L.-M. Lacroix, S. Chang, R. Arenal, I. Florea, H. Barron, A. Barnard, A. Henning, C. Zhao, W. Schuhmann, J. Gooding, R. D. Tilley.

Lien : Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 57, 10241-10245 (2018).

Consolidation of cobalt nanorods : a new route for rare-earth free nanostructured permanent magnets.
S. Ener, E. Anagnostopoulou, I. Dirba, L.-M. Lacroix, F. Ott, T. Blon, J.-Y. Piquemal, K. P. Skokov, O. Gutfleisch, G. Viau.

Lien : Acta Materiala, 145, 290-297 (2018)

M-SrFe12O19 and ferrihydrite-like ultrathin nanoplatelets as building blocks for permanent magnets : HAADF-STEM study and magnetic properties.
B. Grindi, A. BenAli, C. Magen, G. Viau.

Lien : J. Solid State Chem., 264, 124–133 (2018).

Impregnation of high-magnetization FeCo nanoparticles in mesoporous silicon : an experimental approach.
M. Lepesant, B. Bardet, L-M. Lacroix, P. Fau, C. Garnero, B. Chaudret, K. Soulantica, T. Defforge, D. Valente, C. Andreazza, J. Billoué, P. Poveda, G. Gautier.

Lien : Front. Chem., 6, 609, (2018).

Water-Soluble Platinum Nanoparticles Stabilized by Sulfonated N-Heterocyclic Carbenes : Influence of the Synthetic Approach.
E.A. Baquero, S. Tricard, Y. Coppel, J.C. Flores, B. Chaudret, E. de Jesus.

Lien : Dalton Trans., 47, 4093-4104. (2018).

Bimetallic nanoparticles in supported ionic liquid phases as multifunctional catalysts for the selective hydrodeoxygenation of aromatic substrates.
L. Offner-Marko, A. Bordet, G. Moos, S. Tricard, S. Rengshausen, B. Chaudret, K.L. Luska, W. Leitner.

Lien : Angew. Chem. . Int. Ed., 57, 12721-12726 (2018).

Effect of cesium ion on the synthesis and catalytic property with FeCo Prussian blue analogue.
S. Guo, Y. Liang, S. Tricard, N. Wang, L. Feng, S. He, P. Zheng, J. Zhao, J. Fang,

Lien : Chem. Phys. Lett., 710, 180-187 (2018).

Laser-scribed Ru organometallic complex for the preparation of RuO2 micro-supercapacitor electrodes on flexible substrate.
K. Brousse, S. Nguyen, A. Gillet, S. Pinaud, R. Tan, A. Meffre, K. Soulantica, B. Chaudret, P.L. Taberna, M. Respaud, P. Simon

Lien : Electrochim. Acta, 281, 816 - 821 (2018).

Enhancement of carbon oxides hydrogenation on iron-based nanoparticles by in-situ water removal.
A. Bordet, J-M. Asensio, K. Soulantica, B. Chaudret.

Lien : ChemCatChem, 10, 4047-4051 (2018).

hcp-Co nanowires grown on metallic foams as catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
J. Harmel, L. Peres, M. Estrader, A. Berliet, S. Maury, A. Fécant, B. Chaudret, P. Serp K. Soulantica.

Lien : Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 57, 10579-10583 (2018).

Shape-selection through epitaxy of supported platinum nanocrystals.
L. Peres, D. Yi, S.Bustos, C. Garcia-Marcelot, A. Pierrot, P-F. Fazzini, I. Florea, R. Arenal, L.-M. Lacroix, B. Warot-Fonrose, T. Blon, K. Soulantica.

Lien : Nanoscale, 10, 22730–22736 (2018).

Silica coated iron nanoparticles : synthesis, interface control, magnetic and hyperthermia properties.
A. Glaria, S. Soulé, N. Hallali, W.-S. Ojo, M. Mirjolet, G. Fuks, A. Cornejo, J. Allouche, J.C. Dupin, H. Martinez, J. Carrey, B. Chaudret, F. Delpech, S. Lachaize, C. Nayral.

Lien : R.S.C. Adv., 8, 32146-32156 (2018).

Interfacial Oxidation and Photoluminescence of InP-Based Core/Shell Quantum Dots.
M.D. Tessier, E.A. Baquero, D. Dupont, V. Grigel, E. Bladt, S. Bals, Y. Coppel, Z. Hens, C. Nayral, F. Delpech.

Lien : Chem. Mater., 30, 6877-6883 (2018).

Designed single-source precursors for iron germanide nanoparticles : colloidal synthesis and magnetic properties.
A. Sodreau, S. Mallet-Ladeira, S. Lachaize, K. Miqueu, J.-M. Sotiropoulos, D. Madec, C. Nayral, F. Delpech.

Lien : Dalton Trans., 47, 15114–15120 (2018).

Controlling the Sulfidation Process of Iron Nanoparticles : Accessing Iron-Iron Sulfide Core-Shell Structures.
D. Heift, L.M. Lacroix, P. Lecante, P.F. Fazzini, B. Chaudret.

Lien : ChemNanoMat, 4, 663-669 (2018).

Ruthenium nanoparticles ligated by cholesterol-derived NHCs and their application in the hydrogenation of arenes.
L. Rakers, L.M. Martinez-Prieto, A.M. Lopez-Vinasco, K. Philippot, P.W.N.M van Leeuwen, B. Chaudret, F. Glorius.

Lien : Chem. Commun. 54, 7070-7073 (2018).

Improved water electrolysis using magnetic heating of FeC-Ni core-shell nanoparticles.
C. Niether, S. Faure, A. Bordet, J. Deseure, M. Chatenet, J. Carrey, B. Chaudret, A. Rouet,

Lien : Nature Energy 3, 476-483 (2018).

Ruthenium-catalyzed hydrogen isotope exchange of C(sp(3))-H bonds directed by a sulfur atom.
L. Gao, S. Perato, S. Garcia-Argote, C. Taglang, L.M. Martinez-Prieto, C. Chollet, D.A. Buisson, V. Dauvois, P. Lesot, B. Chaudret, B. Rousseau, S. Feuillastre, G. Pieters.

Lien : Chem. Commun. 54, 2986-2989 (2018).

A Novel Method for the Metallization of 3D Silicon Induced by Metastable Copper Nanoparticles.
J. Cure, K. Piettre, A. Sournia-Saquet, Y. Coppel, J. Esvan, B. Chaudret, P. Fau.

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