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Real-time analysis of magnetic hyperthermia experiments on living cells under confocal microscope
V. Connord, P. Clerc, N. Hallali, D. El Hajj Diab, D. Fourmy, V. Gigoux and J. Carrey
Small 11, 2437 (2015)
Light induced modulation of charge transport phenomena across the bistability region in [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4) spin crossover micro-rods
C. Lefter, R. Tan, J. Dugay, S. Tricard, G. Molnár, L. Salmon, J. Carrey, A. Rotaru and A. Bousseksou
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015, 10.1039/C4CP05250A
Joining time-resolved thermometry and magnetic-induced heating in a single nanoparticle unveils intriguing thermal properties
R. Piñol, C. D. S. Brites, R. Bustamante, A. Martínez, N. J. O. Silva, J. L. Murillo, R. Cases, J. Carrey, C. Estepa, C. Sosa, F. Palacio, L. D. Carlos and A. Millán
ACS Nano 9, 3134 (2015)
Spin configurations in size controlled single iron nanomagnets: from flower state to exotic vortices
C. Gatel, F.B. Bonilla, A. Meffre, E. Snoeck, B. Warot-Fonrose, B. Chaudret, L.-M. Lacroix, T. Blon

Lien : Nano Lett. DOI 10.1021/acs.nanolett.5b02892 (2015)

Oriented Metallic Nano-Objects on Crystalline Surfaces by Solution Epitaxial Growth
N. Liakakos, C. Achkar, B. Cormary, J. Harmel, B. Warot-Fonrose, E. Snoeck, B. Chaudret, M. Respaud, K. Soulantica, T. Blon

Lien : ACS Nano, 9, 9665–9677 (2015).

Complex nano-objects displaying both magnetic and catalytic properties: A proof of concept for magnetically induced heterogeneous catalysis
A. Meffre, B. Mehdaoui, V. Connord, J. Carrey, P. F. Fazzini, M. Respaud, B. Chaudret

Lien : NanoLett. 15, 3241-3248 (2015).

Investigation of the robustness of the spin transition: from bulk samples to electronic devices
C. Leftera, R. Tan, S. Tricard, J. Dugay, G. Molnár, L. Salmon, J. Carrey, A. Rotaru, A. Bousseksou
Polyhedron 102, 434 (2015)
Targeted nanoscale magnetic hyperthermia: challenges and potentials of peptide-based targeting
D. Fourmy, J. Carrey and V. Gigoux
Nanomedecine 10, 893 (2015)
On the reaction mechanism of redox transmetallation of elemental Yb with Hg(C6F5)(2) and subsequent reactivity of Yb(C6F5)(2) with pyrazole: a DFT investigation
Lefevre, J; Deacon, GB; Junk, PC; Maron, L
Enantiospecific CH Activation Using Ruthenium Nanocatalysts
Taglang, C; Martinez-Prieto, LM; del Rosal, I; Maron, L; Poteau, R; Philippot, K; Chaudret, B; Perato, S; Lone, AS; Puente, C; Dugave, C; Rousseau, B; Pieters, G

Lien : Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 10474-10477 (2015).

Thorium Mono- and Bis(imido) Complexes Made by Reprotonation of cyclo-Metalated Amides
Bell, NL; Maron, L; Arnold, PL
A Mixed-Valence Tri-Zinc Complex, [LZnZnZnL] (L = Bulky Amide), Bearing a Linear Chain of Two-Coordinate Zinc Atoms
Hicks, J; Underhill, EJ; Kefalidis, CE; Maron, L; Jones, C
Yttrium Dihydride Cation [YH2(THF)(2)](n)(+): Aggregate Formation and Reaction with (NNNN)-Type Macrocycles
Arndt, S; Kramer, MU; Fegler, W; Nakajima, Y; Del Rosal, I; Poteau, R; Spaniol, TP; Maron, L; Okuda, J
ORGANOMETALLICS, 34 : 3739-3747.
Formation and Reactivity of a Molecular Magnesium Hydride with a Terminal MgH Bond
Schnitzler, S; Spaniol, TP; Maron, L; Okuda, J
Calcium Hydride Catalyzed Highly 1,2-Selective Pyridine Hydrosilylation
Intemann, J; Bauer, H; Pahl, J; Maron, L; Harder, S
A Dimetalloxycarbene Bonding Mode and Reductive Coupling Mechanism for Oxalate Formation from CO2
Paparo, A; Silvia, JS; Kefalidis, CE; Spaniol, TP; Maron, L; Okuda, J; Cummins, CC
Activation of CO by Hydrogenated Magnesium(I) Dimers: Sterically Controlled Formation of Ethenediolate and Cyclopropanetriolate Complexes
Lalrempuia, R; Kefalidis, CE; Bonyhady, SJ; Schwarze, B; Maron, L; Stasch, A; Jones, C
Structure vs Sn-119 NMR Chemical Shift in Three-Coordinated Tin(II) Complexes: Experimental Data and Predictive DFT Computations
Wang, LF; Kefalidis, CE; Roisnel, T; Sinbandhit, S; Maron, L; Carpentier, JF; Sarazin, Y
ORGANOMETALLICS, 34 : 2139-2150.
Synthesis and Reactivity of Palladium Complexes Featuring a Diphosphinoborane Ligand
Schindler, T; Lux, M; Peters, M; Scharf, LT; Osseili, H; Maron, L; Tauchert, ME
ORGANOMETALLICS, 34 : 1978-1984.
Coordination of a Triphosphine-Silane to Gold: Formation of a Trigonal Pyramidal Complex Featuring Au+-> Si Interaction
Gualco, P; Mallet-Ladeira, S; Kameo, H; Nakazawa, H; Mercy, M; Maron, L; Amgoune, A; Bourissou, D
ORGANOMETALLICS, 34 : 1449-1453.
Control of Oxo-Group Functionalization and Reduction of the Uranyl Ion
Arnold, PL; Pecharman, AF; Lord, RM; Jones, GM; Hollis, E; Nichol, GS; Maron, L; Fang, J; Davin, T; Love, JB
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 54 : 3702-3710.
Hydroboration of Carbon Dioxide Using Ambiphilic Phosphine-Borane Catalysts: On the Role of the Formaldehyde Adduct
Declercq, R; Bouhadir, G; Bourissou, D; Legare, MA; Courtemanche, MA; Nahi, KS; Bouchard, N; Fontaine, FG; Maron, L
ACS CATALYSIS, 5 : 2513-2520.
Discrete Magnesium Hydride Aggregates: A Cationic Mg13H18 Cluster Stabilized by NNNN-Type Macrocycles
Martin, D; Beckerle, K; Schnitzler, S; Spaniol, TP; Maron, L; Okuda, J
Ultrathin Gold Nanowires: Soft-Templating versus Liquid Phase Synthesis, a Quantitative Study
Loubat, A; Lacroix, LM; Robert, A; Imperor-Clerc, M; Poteau, R; Maron, L; Arenal, R; Pansu, B; Viau, G

Lien : J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 4422-4430 (2015).

Can a pentamethylcyclopentadienyl ligand act as a proton-relay in f-element chemistry? Insights from a joint experimental/theoretical study
Kefalidis, CE; Perrin, L; Burns, CJ; Berg, DJ; Maron, L; Andersen, RA
DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 44 : 2575-2587.
Amido Analogues of Nonbent Lanthanide (II) and Calcium Metallocenes. Heterolytic Cleavage of pi-Bond Ln-Carbazolyl Ligand Promoted by Lewis Base Coordination
Selikhov, AN; Cherkasov, AV; Fukin, GK; Trifonov, AA; del Rosal, I; Maron, L
ORGANOMETALLICS, 34 : 555-562.
A Scandium Complex Bearing Both Methylidene and Phosphinidene Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity
Zhou, JL; Li, TF; Maron, L; Leng, XB; Chen, YF
ORGANOMETALLICS, 34 : 470-476.
Early Main Group Metal Catalysis: How Important is the Metal?
Penafiel, J; Maron, L; Harder, S
O2 conversion to isocyanate via multiple N-Si bond cleavage at a bulky uranium(III) complex
Camp, C; Chatelain, L; Kefalidis, CE; Pecaut, J; Maron, L; Mazzanti, M
Uranium and thorium complexes of the phosphaethynolate ion
Camp, C; Settineri, N; Lefevre, J; Jupp, AR; Goicoechea, JM; Maron, L; Arnold, J
CHEMICAL SCIENCE; 6 : 6379-6384.
Grafting of lanthanide complexes on silica surfaces dehydroxylated at 200 degrees C: a theoretical investigation
Del Rosal, I; Gerber, IC; Poteau, R; Maron, L
Metallacyclic yttrium alkyl and hydrido complexes: synthesis, structures and catalytic activity in intermolecular olefin hydrophosphination and hydroamination
Kissel, AA; Mahrova, TV; Lyubov, DM; Cherkasov, AV; Fukin, GK; Trifonov, AA; Del Rosal, I; Maron, L
DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 44 : 12137-12148.
DFT investigations on the ring-opening polymerization of substituted cyclic carbonates catalyzed by zinc-{beta-diketiminate} complexes
del Rosal, I; Brignou, P; Guillaume, SM; Carpentier, JF; Maron, L
Polymer Chemistry, 6 : 3336-3352.
Are Solvent and Dispersion Effects Crucial in Olefin Polymerization DFT Calculations? Some Insights from Propylene Coordination and Insertion Reactions with Group 3 and 4 Metallocenes
Castro, L; Kirillov, E; Miserque, O; Welle, A; Haspeslagh, L; Carpentier, JF; Maron, L
ACS CATALYSIS, 5 : 416-425.
Theoretical study of polyiodide formation and stability on monolayer and bilayer graphene.
Tristant, D; Puech, P; Gerber, IC
Physical chemistry chemical physics, 17 :30045-51.
Optical signatures of bulk and solutions of KC8 and KC24
Tristant, D; Wang, Y; Gerber, I; Monthioux, M; Penicaud, A; Puech, P
Theoretical Study of Graphene Doping Mechanism by Iodine Molecules
Tristant, D; Puech, P; Gerber, IC
Theoretical gas to liquid shift of N-15 isotropic nuclear magnetic shielding in nitromethane using ab initio molecular dynamics and GIAO/GIPAW calculations
Gerber, IC; Jolibois, F
Giant Enhancement of the Optical Second-Harmonic Emission of WSe2 Monolayers by Laser Excitation at Exciton Resonances
Wang, G; Marie, X; Gerber, I; Amand, T; Lagarde, D; Bouet, L; Vidal, M; Balocchi, A; Urbaszek, B
Magnetic properties of bcc Iron surfaces and the influence of the chemical environment: electronic structure calculations
Fischer, G; Gerber, IC
Formation of a Bridging Phosphinidene Thorium Complex
A. C. Behrle†, L. Castro, L. Maron and J. Walensky
Localized Magnetization Reversal Processes in Cobalt Nanorods with Different Aspect Ratios
M. Pousthomis, E. Anagnostopoulou, I. Panagiotopoulos, R. Boubekri, W. Fang, F. Ott, K. Aït Atmane, J.-Y. Piquemal, L.-M. Lacroix, G. Viau

Lien : Nano Res. 8, 2231-2241 (2015).

Soft chemistry nanowires for permanent magnet fabrication
F. Ott, I. Panagiotopoulos, E. Anagnostopoulou, M. Pousthomis, L.–M. Lacroix, G. Viau, J.-Y. Piquemal

Lien : Chapter 21 in Magnetic Nano- and Microwires, Design, Synthesis, Properties and Applications, 1st Edition, M. Vazquez Ed., Woodhead Publishing (2015) ISBN: 978-0-08-100164-6.

Directed assembly of single colloidal gold nanowires by AFM nanoxerography
P. Moutet, L.-M. Lacroix, A. Robert, M. Impéror-Clerc, G. Viau, L. Ressier

Lien : Langmuir 31, 4106-4112 (2015).

A Transparent Flexible Z-Axis Sensitive Multi-Touch Panel Based on Colloidal ITO NanocrystalsN.
M. Sangeetha, M. Gauvin, N. Decorde, F. Delpech, P. F. Fazzini, B. Viallet, G. Viau, J. Grisolia and L. Ressier

Lien : Nanoscale, 7, 12631-12640 (2015).

Towards MRI T2 contrast agents of increased efficiency
M. Branca, M. Marciello, D. Ciuculescu-Pradines, M.Respaud, M. P Morales, R. Serra, M.-J. Casanove, C. Amiens
J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 377, 348-353 (2015)
Room-Temperature, Strain-Tunable Orientation of Magnetization in a Hybrid Ferromagnetic Co Nanorod-Liquid Crystalline Elastomer Nanocomposite
Riou O, Lonetti B, Tan RP, Harmel J, Soulantica K, Davidson P, Mingotaud AF, Respaud M, Chaudret B, Mauzac M

Lien : Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 54, 10811–10815 (2015)

Air- and Water-Resistant Noble Metal Coated Ferromagnetic Cobalt Nanorods
S. Lentijo-Mozo, R. P. Tan, C. Garcia-Marcelot, T. Altantzis, P.-F. Fazzini, T. Hungria, B. Cormary, J. R. Gallagher, J. T. Miller, H. Martinez, S. Schrittwieser, J. Schotter, M. Respaud, S. Bals, G. Van Tendeloo, C. Gatel, K. Soulantic

Lien : ACS Nano, 9, 2792-2804 (2015).

Isoprene Polymerization on Iron Nanoparticles Confined in Carbon Nanotubes
X. Li, L. Zhang, R. P. Tan, P.-F. Fazzini, T. Hungria, J. Durand, S. Lachaize, W.-H. Sun, M. Respaud, K. Soulantica and P. Serp

Lien : Chem. Eur. J., 21, 17437-17444 (2015).

Non-linear Optical orientation of electron spins and valence-band spectroscopy in germanium
183. G. F. Pezzoli, A. Balocchi, E. Vitiello, T. Amand, and X. Marie
Phys. Rev. B 91, 201201(R) (2015)

Lien :

Magneto-optics in transition metal diselenide monolayers
184. G.Wang, L. Bouet, M. M. Glazov, T. Amand, E. L. Ivchenko, E. Palleau, X. Marie and B. Urbaszek
2D Mater. 2, 034002 (2015)

Lien :

Polarization and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy of excitons in MoSe2 monolayers
185. G. Wang, E. Palleau, T. Amand, S. Tongay, X. Marie, and B. Urbaszek
Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 112101 (2015)

Lien :

Effect of the Pauli principle on photoelectron spin transport in p(+) GaAs
F. Cadiz, D. Paget, ACH. Rowe, T. Amand, P. Barate, S. Arscott
Phys. Rev. B 91, 165203 (12015)

Lien :

Spin and valley dynamics of excitons in transition metal dichalcogenides monolayers
186. M. M. Glazov, E. L. Ivchenko, T. Amand, X. Marie, B. Urbaszek, B. L. Liu (contribution invitée)
Phys. Stat. Sol. (b) 252, 2349 (2015)

Lien :

Double resonant Raman scattering and valley coherence generation in monolayer WSe2
187. G. Wang, M. M. Glazov, C. Robert, T. Amand, X. Marie, and B. Urbaszek
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 117401 (2015)

Lien :

Exciton states in monolayer MoSe2: impact on interband transitions
. G. Wang, I. C. Gerber, L. Bouet, D. Lagarde, A. Balocchi, M. Vidal, E. Palleau, T. Amand, X. Marie, and B. Urbaszek
2D Mater. 2 (2015) 045005 DOI:10.1088/2053-1583/2/4/045005

Lien :

Spin-orbit engineering in transition metal dichalcogenide alloy monolayers
188. G. Wang, C. Robert, A. Suslu, B. Chen, S. Yang, S. Alamdari, I. C. Gerber, T. Amand, X. Marie, S.Tongay, and B. Urbaszek
Nature Com. 6, 10110 (2015)

Lien :

A gas-templating strategy to synthesize CZTS nanocrystals for environment-friendly solar inks
189. JY. Chane-Ching, V. Foncrose, O. Zaberca, D. Lagarde, A. Balocchi, X. Marie, T. Blon, P. Puech, P R.Bodeux
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 141, 364 (2015)

Lien :

Gain, amplified spontaneous emission and noise figure of bulk InGaAs/InGaAsP/InP semiconductor optical amplifiers
190. S. Mazzucato, H. Carrere, X. Marie, T. Amand, M. Achouche, C. Caillaud, , R. Brenor

Lien :;jsessionid=apm207mf0de4b.x-iet-live-01

Valleytronics : Divide and Polarize
191. B. Urbaszek, X. Marie
Nature Physics 11, 94 (2015)

Lien :

GaSb-based composite quantum wells for laser diodes operating in the telecom wavelength range near 1.55-mic
192. L. Cerutti, L, A. Castellano, JB. Rodriguez, M. Bahri, L. Largeau, A. Balocchi, K. Madiomanana, F. Lelarge, G. Patriarche, X. Marie and E. Tournie
Applied Phys. Lett. 106, 101102 (2015)

Lien :

2D Materials : Ultrafast exciton dynamics (News&Views)
193. X. Marie, B. Urbaszek
Nature Materials 14, 860(2015)

Lien :

Targeted nanoscale magnetic hyperthermia: challenges and potentials of peptide-based targeting.
Fourmy, D., Carrey, J. and Gigoux, V.
Nanomedicine (Lond) 10, 893-6.
Functional elements of the gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor: Comparison between secretin- and rhodopsin-like G protein-coupled receptors.
Cordomi, A., Ismail, S., Matsoukas, M.T., Escrieut, C., Gherardi, M.J., Pardo, L. and Fourmy, D.
Biochem Pharmacol 96, 237-46.
Gastrin-stimulated Galpha13 Activation of Rgnef Protein (ArhGEF28) in DLD-1 Colon Carcinoma Cells.
Masia-Balague, M., Izquierdo, I., Garrido, G., Cordomi, A., Perez-Benito, L., Miller, N.L., Schlaepfer, D.D., Gigoux, V. and Aragay, A.M. (2015)
J Biol Chem 290, 15197-209.
Pancreatic preneoplastic lesions plasma signatures and biomarkers based on proteome profiling of mouse models.
Ligat, L., Saint-Laurent, N., El-Mrani, A., Gigoux, V., Al Saati, T., Tomasini, R., Nigri, J., Dejean, S., Pont, F., Baer, R., Guillermet-Guibert, J., Cordelier, P., Lopez, F. and Dufresne,
Br J Cancer 113, 1590-8.
Internalization and desensitization of the human glucose-dependent-insulinotropic receptor is affected by N-terminal acetylation of the agonist.
Ismail, S., Dubois-Vedrenne, I., Laval, M., Tikhonova, I.G., D’Angelo, R., Sanchez, C., Clerc, P., Gherardi, M.J., Gigoux, V., Magnan, R. and Fourmy,
Mol Cell Endocrinol 414, 202-15.
GPCR structure, function, drug discovery and crystallography: report from Academia-Industry International Conference (UK Royal Society) Chicheley Hall, 1-2 September 2014
Heifetz, A., Schertler, G.F., Seifert, R., Tate, C.G., Sexton, P.M., Gurevich, V.V., Fourmy, D., Cherezov, V., Marshall, F.H., Storer, R.I., Moraes, I., Tikhonova, I.G., Tautermann, C.S., Hunt, P., Ceska, T., Hodgson, S., Bodkin, M.J., Singh, S., Law, R.J. and Biggin
Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol 388, 883-903.
Off-Axis Electron Holography for the Quantitative Study of Magnetic Properties of Nanostructures: From the Single Nanomagnet to the Complex Device
C. Gatel, A. Masseboeuf, E. Snoeck, F.J. Bonilla, T. Blon, L-M. Lacroix, A. Meffre, J.F. Einsle, R.M. Bowman, M.A. Bashir, M. Gubbins

Lien : Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21 2147-2148 (2015)

Electron transport within transparent assemblies of tin-doped indium oxide colloidal nanocrystals.
J. Grisolia, N. Decorde, M. Gauvin, N. M. Sangeetha, B. Viallet and L. Ressier.
Nanotechnology 26 (33) : 335702 August 2015
Electron transport through a metallic nanoparticle assembly embedded in SiO2 and SiNx by low energy ion implantation.
M. Bayle, J. Grisolia*, G. Ben Assayag, B. Pecassou, C. Bonafos, P. Benzo, F. Gourbilleau and R. Carles.
DOI: 10.1002/pssc.2015 10147
Mechanical Model of Globular Transition in Polymers
Tricard S., Shepherd R.M., Stan C.A., Snyder P.W., Cademartiri R., Zhu D., Aranson I.S., Shakhnovich E.I., Whitesides G.M

Lien : ChemPlusChem, 80, 37-41 (2015).

Using Magnetic Levitation for Non-Destructive Quality Control of Plastic Parts
Hennek J.W., Nemiroski A., Subramaniam A.B., Bwambok D.K., Yang D., Harburg D.V., Tricard S., Ellerbee A.K., Whitesides G.M

Lien : Adv. Mater., 27, 1587–1592 (2015).

Light induced modulation of charge transport phenomena across the bistability region in [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4) spin crossover micro-rods
Lefter C., Tan R., Dugay J., Tricard S., Molnar G., Salmon L., Carey J., Rotaru A., Bousseksou A

Lien : Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 5151-5154 (2015).

Prussian blue analogues as heterogeneous catalysts for epoxidation of styrene
Liang Y., Yi C., Tricard S., Fang J., Zhao J.H., Shen W.G

Lien : RSC Adv., 5, 17993-17999 (2015).

Metal substitution effects on the charge transport and spin transition properties of [Fe1-xZnx(H-trz)2(trz)](BF4) (x=0, 0.26 and 0.43)
Lefter C., Tricard S., Peng H., Molnar G., Salmon L., Demont P., Rotaru A., Bousseksou A

Lien : J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 8522–8529 (2015)

Prussian blue/1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate – Graphite felt electrodes for efficient electrocatalytic determination of nitrite
Wang L., Tricard S., Cao L., Liang Y., Zhao J.H., Fang J., Shen W.G

Lien : Sens. Actuat. B, 214, 70-75 (2015).

Amperometric detection of hydrazine utilizing synergistic action of prussian blue @ silver nanoparticles / graphite felt modified electrode
Zhao J.H., Liu J., Tricard S., Wang L., Liang Y., Cao L., Fang J., Shen W.G

Lien : Electrochim. Acta, 171, 121-127 (2015).

On the stability of spin crossover materials: from bulk samples to electronic devices
Lefter C., Tan R., Tricard S., Dugay J., Molnar G., Salmon L., Carey J., Rotaru A., Bousseksou A

Lien : Polyhedron, 102, 434-440 (2015).

Thermoresponsive gold nanoshell@mesoporous silica nano-assemblies: an XPS/NMR survey
S. Soulé, J. Allouche, J.-C. Dupin, C. Courrèges, F. Plantier, W.-S. Ojo, Y. Coppel, C. Nayral, F. Delpech, H. Martinez

Lien : Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 28719-28728 (2015)

Synthesis of distannocene
A. Mcheik, M. Joudat, A. Castel, F. Delpech, S. Massou, A. Chokr

Lien : Journal of Atoms and Molecules, 2015, 5(1), 847-852.

From rational design of organometallic precursors to optimized synthesis of core/shell Ge/GeO2 nanoparticles
D. Matioszek, W.-S. Ojo, A. Cornejo, N. Katir, M. El Ezzi, M. Le Troedec, H. Martinez, H. Gornitzka, A. Castel, C. Nayral, F. Delpech

Lien : Dalton Trans., 44, 7242-7250 (2015).

Influence of Chemical Composition on the Catalytic Activity of Small Bimetallic FeRu Nanoparticles for Fischer-Tropsch Syntheses
Meffre, Anca; Iablokov, Viacheslav; Xiang, Yizhi; Barbosa, Roland; Fazzini, Pier Francesco; Kelsen, Vinciane; Kruse, Norbert; Chaudret, Bruno

Lien : Catal. Lett., 145, 373-379 (2015).

Selective catalytic hydrogenation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons promoted by ruthenium nanoparticles
Breso-Femenia, Emma; Chaudret, Bruno; Castillon, Sergio

Lien : Catal. Sci. Tech. 5, 2741-2751 (2015).

Deciphering Ligands’ Interaction with Cu and Cu2O Nanocrystal Surfaces by NMR Solution Tools
Glaria, Arnaud; Cure, Jeremy; Piettre, Kilian; Coppel, Yannick; Turrin, Cedric-Olivier; Chaudret, Bruno; Fau, Pierre

Lien : Chem, Eur. J. 21, 1169-1178 (2015).

Monitoring the Coordination of Amine Ligands on Silver Nanoparticles Using NMR and SERS
Cure, Jeremy; Coppel, Yannick; Dammak, Thameur; Fazzini, Pier Francesco; Mlayah, Adnen; Chaudret, Bruno; Fau, Pierre

Lien : Langmuir 31, 1362-1367 (2015).

A betaine adduct of N-heterocyclic carbene and carbodiimide, an efficient ligand to produce ultra-small ruthenium nanoparticles
Martinez-Prieto, L. M.; Urbaneja, C.; Palma, P.; Campora, J. ; Philippot, K. ; Chaudret, B

Lien : Chem Commun 51, 4647-4650 (2015).

Influence of the Reaction Media on the Stabilization of Rhodium Nanostructures
Ramírez-Meneses, Esther; Philippot, Karine; Chaudret, Bruno

Lien : Ingeniería, investigación y tecnología 16, 225-237 (2015).

Organometallic synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles for gas sensing: towards selectivity through nanoparticles morphology
Ryzhikov, Andrey; Jonca, Justyna; Kahn, Myrtil; Fajerwerg, Katia; Chaudret, Bruno; Chapelle, Audrey; Menini, Philippe; Shim, Chang Hyun; Gaudon, Alain; Fau, Pierre

Lien : J. Nano. Res. 17, 280 (2015)

New Route to Stabilize Ruthenium Nanoparticles with NonIsolable Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
Martinez-Prieto, Luis Miguel; Ferry, Angelique; Lara, Patricia; Richter, Christian; Philippot, Karine; Glorius, Frank; Chaudret, Bruno

Lien : Chem. Eur. J. 21, 17495-17502 (2015).

Selective catalytic deuteration of phosphorus ligands using ruthenium nanoparticles: a new approach to gain information on ligand coordination
Breso-Femenia, Emma; Godard, Cyril; Claver, Carmen; Chaudret, Bruno; Castillon, Sergio

Lien : Chem. Commun. 51, 16342-16345 (2015).

Toward Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: A Combinatorial Approach Exploiting the Possibilities of Modeling, Shape Anisotropy in Elongated Nanoparticles, and Combinatorial Thin-Film Approach
D. Niarchos, G. Giannopoulos, M. Gjoka, C. Sarafidis, V. Psycharis, J. Rusz, A. Edstrom, O. Errikson, Peter Toson, Josef Fidler, E. Anagnostopoulou, U. Sanyal, , L.-M. Lacroix, G. Viau, F. Ott, C. Bran, M. Vazquez, L. Reichel, L. Schultz, S. Fähler

Lien : JOM, The Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, 67, 1318-1328 (2015).

[H(2)amtaz](+) iron fluorides: Synthesis, crystal structures, magnetic and Mossbauer studies
I. Abdi, J. Lhoste, M. Leblanc, V. Maisonneuve, J. –M. Greneche, G. Viau, A. Ben Ali, J. Fluor

Lien : J. Fluor. Chem. 173, 23-28 (2015).

Effect of sintering conditions on the structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of nanosized Co0.2Ni0.3Zn0.5Fe2O4
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