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Gaëtan  Petit publication list

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Année / Year 2017

Electrical spin injection and detection in molybdenum disulfide multilayer channel
S. Liang, H. Yang, P. Renucci, B.Tao, P. Laczkowski, S. Mc-Murtry, G. Wang, X. Marie, J.M. George, S. Petit-Watelot, A. Djeffal, S. Mangin, H. Jaffrès, and Y. Lu
Nature Communications (2017)

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Année / Year 2016

Electrical spin injection into GaAs based light emitting diodes using perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction-type spin injector
B.S. Tao, P. Barate, F. Frougier, P. Renucci, B. Xu, A. Djeffal, H. Jaffres, JM. George, X. Marie, S. Petit-Watelot, S. Mangin, XF. Han, ZG. Wang, Y. Lu

lien : Applied Phys. Lett. 108, 152404 (2016)

Thèses / Thesis