Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-objets

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
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Facilities of the team

Our team possess several setups to elaborate, characterize and measure magnetic nanoparticle-based samples. We have also access to several facilities at the Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination or at the TEMSCAN of University Paul Sabatier, such as SQUID magnetometry, Mössbauer spectroscopy or scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Facilities specific to the laboratory are:

- Magnetotransport setup: the bench allows one to measure highly resistive samples (up to 1 T) at low temperature (1.4 K) and up to 10 T, shared with the “Quantum optoelectronic" and “Nanotech” teams.

- A thin film deposition setup coupled to a glove box. This permits the elaboration of hybrid devices composed of air-sensitive magnetic nano-objects and thin films. The thin-film deposition setup display 4 sputtering targets (1 RF) and two evaporation crucible. The substrate holder can be heated up to 800°C.

- Hyperthermia measurement bench: this setup produces 30 mT magnetic fields with frequencies ranging from 1 to 500 kHz. The temperature is simultaneously measured inside a calorimeter.

- Bench for photoconductivity measurements, shared with the “optoelectronic" group, optimised for the measurement of high-impedance samples.

- Device characterisation system Keithley 4200C with C(V) and I(V) units, shared with the “nanotech” team

Finally, our team has an access to the LAAS technologic platform through a RTB contract. Equipments usually used are:
- optics lithography : wafer oxidation, spin-coating, development, metallization using sputtering or evaporation, lift off.

- electronic lithography : access to an e-beam (RAITH), with resolution around 10 nm.