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Alexandre Pierrot

Équipe 4. Nanomagnétisme , Doctorant

Alexandre Pierrot is PhD student since 1th october 2015 supervised by Thomas Blon and Marc Respaud. The topic is about magnetic media elaborate from chemical synthesis of Nano rods of cobalt organized on array and epitaxied on platinum’s substrate. Diplomate of the bachelor’s degree of fundamental physics at Paul Sabatier University further to a report about Poynting Roberson effect, Alexandre had his master 2in Paul Sabatier University. The work experiences made during the master’s degree are:

2013 : Laboratory IRSAMC with the team atomics interferometry supervised by Mathias Büchner and Jacques Viguier : control of the interferometer with LabView: influence of electric field on the phase of atoms and programming in fortran and matlab : topography of magnetic field shone by a square coil

2014 : laboratory LAPLACE with the team groupe de recherche énergétique plasma et hors équilibre (GREPH) supervised by Stephan Blanco and Richard Fournier : Monte Carlo method applied to the musicology and spread of photon

2015 : laboratory LPCNO with the team Nanomagnétisme supervised by Thomas Blon : Simulations and modelling of nanorods arrays with perpendicular anisotropy.