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Accueil du site > LPCNO > Séminaires > 2009 > Optical Access to Quantum Dot Spins : from Qubits to Sensors

Optical Access to Quantum Dot Spins : from Qubits to Sensors

Date : 17/12/2009 à 14:30

Titre : Caractérisation de nanostructures et nanodispositifs électroniques par microscopie à sonde de force

Intervenant : Mete Atature

Provenance : Quantum Optics & Mesoscopic Systems Group, The Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Salle : 221

Résumé : Self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots are known to display discrete electronic energy levels coupled by optical transitions and they are governed by spin-dependent optical selection rules. This opens a channel to control and detect a single spin in a quantum dot via lasers. However, QDs can also interact strongly with a spin (nuclei) and/or a charge (electrons) reservoir of the solid-state environment leading to a rich source of interaction mechanisms. Consequently, identifying the regimes of these mechanisms is crucial for achieving a level of control in solid-state-based systems. I will provide a highlight of recent progress on all-optical control of single and coupled quantum dot spins along with the current research directions in light-matter interactions such as field sensing.