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Thierry Amand

+33 (0)5 67 04 88 84

bureau n°124

Équipe 3. Optoélectronique Quantique , DR1

Thierry Amand is "Directeur de Recherche" DR1 at the french CNRS. He got is PhD in 1978 with a work entitled "Ultra-fast Time-resolved spectroscopy in semiconductors". In 1985 he got his "doctorat d’état" in Physics for his work "Out of equilibrium electron-hole system in semiconductors; thermalization, optical properties"

Thierry Amand has contributed in France to pioneering works on ultra-fast photoluminescence in direct gap semiconductors and heterostructures.

His main research topics are spin and energy relaxation dynamics. He has supervised 10 thesis and is the co-author of about 120 publications and communications in international reviews. He is currently working on interactions between electron and nuclear spins in single quantum dots (QDs) (InAs/GaAs QDs grown by MBE, GaAs/AlGaAs QDs grown by dropplet epitaxy).