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Étienne Palleau

bureau n°140

Équipe 5. Nanotech , Assistant Professor

From september 2013, Etienne Palleau is an Associate Professor at INSA Toulouse in the Department of Physics and member of the Nanotech Group, LPCNO.

► Research Interests

Directed assemblies of colloidal nano-objects on surfaces using nanoxerography

Characterization by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Kelvin Force Microscopy (KFM)

Micro/nano fabrication: AFM lithographie, microcontact printing, nanoimprint lithography, UV photolithography

Integration of simple microfluidic structures

► Past activities

oct 2012- sept 2013 Postdoc at IRAMIS/SPSCI, CEA Saclay (91) // Prof. F. Charra

Study of optical field enhancement on plasmonic nanostructures using AFM Force Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Emission

oct 2011 - oct 2012 Postdoc at the CBE departement at NCSU Raleigh (USA) // Prof. O.D. Velev & Prof. M.D. Dickey

Development of the ionoprinting technique. Fabrication of hydrogel actuators. Use of EGaIn liquid metal in microfluidic applications and in flexible self healing electrodes

2011 PhD in Nanophysics at LPCNO // Prof. L. Ressier and Prof. G. Viau

2008 Double diploma: Master degree in research 3N “Nanosciences, Nanocomposants et Nanomesures”, Engineer Diploma in Physics from from INSA de Toulouse (31)

► Scientific Output

11 papers published in international scientific journals with high impact (Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Nanotechnology)

1 french and 1 international patent

8 oral presentation presented at national (3) and international (5) conferences

6 posters presented at national (3) et international (3) conferences

Major contributions :

-  Palleau, E. Ressier, L. Borowik, Ł. Mélin, T. Nanotechnology, 2010, (21), p. 225706-225713
-  Palleau, E. N M, Sangeetha. Viau, G. Marty, J-D. Ressier, L. ACS Nano, 2011, (5), 5, p. 4228–4235
-  Palleau, E. N M, Sangeetha. Ressier, L. Nanotechnology, 2011, (22), p. 325603-325610
-  Ressier, L. Palleau, E. Behar, S. Nanotechnology, 2012, (23), p.255302-255306
-  Palleau, E. Reece, S. Desai, C. S. Smith, M. E. Dickey, M. D. Adv. Mater., 2012 (25), 11 p. 1589-1592
-  Palleau, E. Morales, D. Dickey, M. D. Velev, O.D. Nat. Com., 2013, (4) 2257

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