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Benjamin Lassagne

bureau n°134

Équipe 4. Nanomagnétisme , Assistant-professor

Benjamin Lassagne is a lecturer at the INSA of Toulouse since 2009. After graduating from INSA in 2003, he did his PhD thesis at the Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Pulsés in Toulouse. He fabricated electronic transistors with a unique carbon nanotube in order to study their electronic properties under very high magnetic field. Afterwards, he made a post-doctoral research at the Institut Catalá de Nanotechnologia in Barcelona where he studied electromechanic in carbon nanotube nano-resonator. He has developed ultra sensitive nano-balances with one carbon nanotube and he has studied energy dissipation phenomena in these devices in order to improve their performances (this work is published in Science). He joined the LPCNO in 2008. His project is to use and optimize nanomechanical carbon nanotube resonators to measure and study the fundamental magnetic properties of a unique very small nanoparticle grafted on the nanotube and with a low magnetic moment.