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Yuanyuan Min joined LPCNO in Octorber 2020 to be a postdoc, involving in the EU-funded SWIMMOT project, working on novel magnetic core/ plasmonic gold shell nanorods.

Doctor in Chemistry of Organometallic and Coordination
02/2017–02/2020, INP-Université Toulouse (France) working in Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC), CNRS
PhD thesis :·Controlled synthesis of Ru NP covalent assemblies and their catalytic
application. ICARE1 project supported by ANR
Supervisors : Prof. Philippe Serp and Dr. M. Rosa Axet Internship
01/2018–03/2018, Universidad complutense de Madrid, Madrid (Spain)
Organic synthesis of functionalized fullerene in the group of Nazario Martin.
Master in Chemical Engineering
09/2012–06/2015, China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China Master thesis : Synthesis of lamellar structure ZSM-5 and its catalytic performance in the MTP reaction. Supervisor : Prof. Yanjun Gong.
Working as technician
07/2015–02/2017, NMR laboratory in Qufu Normal University, Shandong, China.