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Bringing nanocrystals to infrared

Date : 05/07/2018 à 14:00

Titre : Bringing nanocrystals to infrared

Intervenant : Emmanuel Lhuillier,

Provenance : Sorbonne université, INSP

Salle : Salle de séminaire - LPCNO

Abstract : Over the recent years colloidal nanocrystals have reached an important step with their introduction as light emitter into the last generation of LCD display. Thanks to this success more applicationq of nanocrystals are about to emerge and this includes their use for optoelectronic. Because of their ease of processing, similar to organic electronic, and their stability due to their inorganic nature, they appear as good candidate for the design of low-cost devices especially in the infrared where current technologies remain expensive. After a (rapid) introduction to the field of colloidal nanocrystals, I will discuss how their optical properties have been pushed to the infrared. This progress in particular relies on the synthetic progress obtained on mercury chalcogenides and by little mid infrared , far infrared and more recently even THz range become available using colloidal nanoparticles. This success also relies on the introduction of doped material presenting intraband air stable absorption. In the last part of the talk, I will discuss the integration of this colloidal material for the design of low cost infrared detectors. I will show how progress have been obtained by switching from photoconductor to photodiode and how high performance stable properties can be achieved