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Coached by a LPCNO post-doc, three high-school girls win the Physics Olympiads 2019

After visiting the LPCNO’s "Receptology and Therapeutic Targeting in Cancerology" team during the "science days" in 2017, three high school girls from Marie-Louise Dissard’s high school (Marine Tellier, Lucille Marin and Alice Rousseau) decide to carry out their TPE (supervised personal works) on anti-tumor treatments based on the heating of nanoparticles by magnetic hyperthermia, a theme developed at the LPCNO for a decade.

Following their excellent work, they are identified in Terminale S by their physics teacher, Marlène Garrow, to participate in the Physics Olympiads. The preparation of these Olympiads begins in September 2018, and they choose to present the physical phenomena underlying magnetic hyperthermia as an anti-tumor strategy. To do this, they are supervised by Nicolas Hallali, a postdoctoral fellow at the LPCNO, who assists them technically and advises them on the scientific aspect of their dossier. They also use the laboratory equipment to obtain some results that add to their rendering.

In December 2018, they pass, brilliantly, the inter-academic selection that took place in Agen, reported in an article by la Dépêche

After only a few weeks, which allow them to make considerable progress in their scientific file, they participate in the national final, on 1 and 2 February 2019 in Lille, accompanied by Nicolas and their physics teacher. They present a research experience borrowed from the LPCNO and a pedagogical experiment that they have assembled to illustrate the physical principles used in the research experiment. They win the first prize, and are thus selected to represent France at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) to be held in Phoenix, Arizona in May 2019.

Congratulations to these three high school girls, and thank to Nicolas for framing and following them!