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RAJ KUMAR  Ramamoorthy

Équipe 7. Nanostructures et Chimie Organométallique , Post-doctorant

Raj Kumar Ramamoorthy is working as a post doc in LPCNO, INSA. Earlier, he worked in Indo-Italian project and received his Ph. D. in Materials Engineering (2014) from the University of Hyderabad, India, on “Structure-Optical Properties Correlation of Er-doped Bulk and Thin Film Glasses/Glass Ceramics by X-ray and Optical Methods” under the supervision of Prof. A K Bhatnagar, Prof. M Montagna, Dr. F Rocca and Prof. M Sundararaman. Then, in 2015, he joined LIONS lab, CEA Saclay for two years post-doc on “Synthesis of luminescent nanoparticles in water : structure and dynamics of the intermediate states” with Dr. David Carrière.

His research interests are :
1. Controlling the morphology of metallic nanoparticles for catalytic applications. :
2. Structure and dynamics of the solution grown nanoparticles. :
3. Pathway(s) of growth process of nanoparticles. :
4. Structure-optical properties correlation in rare earth ions doped glasses. :
5. Optical properties of rare earth ions doped glasses. :

For his research articles, please follow the provided link :