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Platinum Nanoparticle and Functionalized Molecule: A Beneficial Coupling for Nanoelectronics

Self-assembly of metal nanoparticles operated by molecules is an efficient technique for structuring the material at the nanoscale. Controlling the electronic properties of these self-assemblies can open the door to the development of new materials, such as capacitors, for nanoelectronics. The controlled synthesis of robust systems and the fine measurement of their electrical properties are necessary first steps before considering their use in nanoelectronic devices. Researchers from the Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Nano-objects (CNRS / INSA / University of Toulouse), the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry (CNRS) and the Inter-University Center for Materials Research and Engineering (CNRS / INSA / University of Toulouse) have made new self-assemblies of ultra-small platinum nanoparticles, by linking them with functionalized molecules. They showed that the electronic properties of these assemblies could be controlled by slight modifications of their constituents (nanoparticles and molecules). They also observed that it is more particularly the nature of the molecules that makes it possible to control the charge of the nanoparticles, that is to say their electronic property. Behaving like capacitors, the properties of which can be controlled, and thus modulated, at a nanoscale, these systems could potentially be good candidates for integration into electronic devices. This work is published in the journal Materials Horizons.

Reference Simon Tricard, Olivier Said-Aizpuru, Donia Bouzouita, Suhail Usmani, Angélique Gillet, Marine Tassé, Romuald Poteau, Guillaume Viau, Philippe Demont, Julian Carrey & Bruno Chaudret Chemical tuning of Coulomb blockade at room-temperature in ultra-small platinum nanoparticle self-assemblies Materials Horizons 27 March 2017 DOI: 10.1039 / c6mh00419a

Researcher contact Simon Tricard, Laboratory of physics and chemistry of nano-objects - Toulouse Email: T 05 67 04 88 33

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