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Nanoscale characterization at HERMES beamline

Date : 29/09/2016 à 14:00

Titre : Nanoscale characterization at HERMES beamline

Intervenant : Sufal Swaraj

Provenance : Synchrotron SOLEIL

Salle : Salle 217 - LPCNO

Résumé : HERMES is an undulator beamline with an energy range of 70 to 2500 eV. The beamline is a dual branch beamline equipped with two complimentary microscopy techniques, STXM (Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy) and X-PEEM (X-ray PhotoEmitted Electron Microscopy). In this talk I will present this beamline and the two microscopes with the aid of some recently performed measurements. I will follow this by highlighting the utility of soft x-ray based characterization of polymeric materials used in organic solar cell devices. One of the challenges in the field of all-organic bulk heterojunction solar cell devices is the characterization of nanostructures formed by the donor and acceptor phases. I will illustrate how a multi-method approach using soft x-ray based techniques, such as STXM, resonant soft x-ray scattering and reflectivity can be used to disentangle surface, bulk, interfacial and molecular orientation information of these polymeric materials.