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A large heating observed in FeCo nanoparticles

L.-M. Lacroix et al. J. Appl. Phys. 105, 023911 (2009)

The heating produced by magnetic nanoparticles submitted to an alternative magnetic field can be used for cancer treatement; this is called magnetic hyperthermia. We have for the first time evidenced in hyperthermia experiments a behaviour typical of the "Stoner-Wohlfarth" regime. In this regime, heating properties are maximized. The specific losses measured (1.5 mJ/g) compare to the highest of the litterature, although the nanoparticle magnetization is well the one of the bulk material.

(left) Transmission electron microscopy of the nanoparticles measured in hyperthermia. (right) Specific losses per cycle measured as a function of the magnetic field, for various frequencies.