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Piet Van Leeuwen

+33 (0)5 67 04 88 57

Équipe 7. Nanostructures et Chimie Organométallique , Professeur

Curriculum Vitae Prof. Dr. Piet W.N.M. van Leeuwen

Present Position
2015 Chair holder Chaire d’Attractivité Université de Toulouse (LPCNO, INSA-Toulouse).

Academic Education
1959–1965 Chemistry, Leiden University.
1967 PhD, Leiden University, Coordination Chemistry.

Professional Career
1968–1971 Shell Research Amsterdam (Cossee)
1971–1972 Shell‑Development, Emeryville, USA (Keim)
1972–1994 Shell Research Amsterdam, since 1979 head of the section "Fundamental aspects of Homoge­nous Catalysis"
1989–1994 Part-time Professor of Homogeneous Catalysis, University of Amsterdam, part-time Shell
1994–2004 full-time University of Amsterdam.
2004–2007 part-time University of Amsterdam
2000–2002 Head of Department of Chemistry, University of Amsterdam
2001–2006 part-time Professor of Industrial Homogeneous Catalysis, Technical University Eindhoven,
2001–2005 Director National Research School Combination Catalysis (Netherlands)
2004–2015 Group Leader Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)
2014- Guest investigator UFRGS Porto Alegre, Brazil
2015- Chaire d´Attractivité, Université de Toulouse (INSA)

Memberships of boards
1996–2008 Member “Academy-Committee Chemistry, Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences
1998–2002 Co-founder and Vice-chair and Chair Netherlands Chemistry & Catalysis Conference
1995- Advisory boards Organometallics, Dalton, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., Adv. Synth. Catal., CMC
2010– Co-Editor-in Chief, Catalysis Science & Technology

2005 Holleman Award from the Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences.
2005 Marie Curie Chair of Excellence. 2009 Doctor Honoris Causa, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona
2009 ERC Advanced Grant.
2014 Doctor Honoris Causa, Universidade Federal Rio Grande do Sur, Porto Alegre.

Research interests
Carbonylation, metathesis, oligomerization, polymerization, cross coupling reacions, molecular modelling, shape-selective catalysis, dendri­mers, polyme­ric catalysts, catalysis in water, catalyst immobilization, electronic/steric/bite angle ligand effect, supramolecular catalysis, microreactors, e-learning.
Pioneering work on bulky ligands and wide-bite angle ligands in various catalytic reactions of industrial importance, the use of dendrimers in catalysis, transition metal supramolecular catalysis, mechanistic contributions to hydroformylation, carbonylation reactions, and diene oligomerizations. Ligand effects in nanoparticle catalysis.

PhD theses 48 (since 1991), post-doctoral fellows 80, publications 400, patents 34, bookchapters and reviews 80. h-index 73. Average number of citations per publication 50. “Centennials” or higher, 50 publications. Author (>2000) of the book “Homogeneous Catalysis; Understanding the Art”, and with John Chadwick “Homogeneous catalysts”. Publications describing the use of Xantphos and derivatives 2200, number of compounds containing Xantphos-like ligands in Scifinder >3000.

Lectureships, invited courses
Toulouse, Tarragona, Fribourg-Geneva, RAU (Johannesburg), Bordeaux, Shell (3), DSM (2), Sasol, NIOK, Delft University of Technology, Polymer School Eindhoven, CaRLa fellow (BASF-University of Heidelberg).